"I've been all around this world."


Hi, I'm Jess

I entered the world in a valley in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, enjoyed a nature-filled childhood in the Flower City of Rochester, New York and as an adult ventured away to live in Slovakia, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand and Germany. Recently, I am back among the lilacs and magnolias with my sweet daughter.

My jam is conversation, connection, playing and live music! I am a teacher, musician, traveler and lover of people and new adventures.

Yes! That is me.


Behind the Camera

There are two worlds that exist behind my camera.

The portrait artist: My work for you captures a playful glance, a joyful moment, a spontaneous laugh and the authenticity of your story. Our collaboration creates a lasting experience.

The travel photographer: Documentary and Street Photography, both about capturing a sliver of time and place, is truly about ‘taking.’ Whether I am chasing adventure on the busy streets of a new city or discovering a secluded village, both satisfy what is most vital to me — to immortalize culture.

What do we have in common?


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(MARCH 2019)

Rochester Business Journal Feature

Thank you to the Rochester Business Journal for the lovely feature.

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