Amanda & Tim: A two-day wedding in Abraham Lincoln Park

February 9, 2018

It has been a brilliant task writing this blog and reliving this astonishing wedding! Amanda & Tim (Throttle too!) are such an amazing couple, their famlilies are incredibly kind and their wedding, well, you’ll see for yourself. There was a huge surprise for guests on the second day as A&T arrived at their reception. I have never seen so many people laughing and sharing and enjoying themselves for this incredible two-day wedding! I am honored to have captured this wedding with such special images, which tell only a tiny portion of their incredible story. The vendors and the venues were 100% perfect and I have highlighted them throughout this story. Enjoy!

First… meet Tim & Amanda… and Throttle!
And now… their story.
bride putting on her lace wedding gown friend and mother of the bride helping her get dressed before her wedding
Bridal Bouquet from Arena's Flowers in Rochester NY

An amazing Father/Daughter first look!

father welcomes bride on her wedding day bride sees her father for the first time on her wedding and cries
The perfect flower girl.
groom walks down the aisle grandfather and groom hug

Rochester Brainery is one of the most amazingly stunning, well-lit, quaint places I have ever photographed a wedding. The light. The ambiance. Everything was simply perfect.

A special place. This is the exact spot where Amanda and Tim had their first moments together. They returned to celebrate and Meghann and the wonderful folks at Good Luck Restaurant really made it special for everyone.

And now … part 2 of the two-day wedding!

The entire wedding reception gathered on the large outdoor balcony of The Waterfront Lodge in Abraham Lincoln Park, overlooking Irondequoit bay, to await the grand arrival of the newlyweds.

Here comes Amanda… escorted by her father… waving and dancing and enjoying every moment.
And around the corner comes Tim!
To greet and escort his new wife…
… to their new life.

The entire wedding was self-catered and honestly, some of the most amazing food I have ever seen (… tasted!)

It’s quite touching to see the engagement session images that Tim, Amanda & Throttle and I did together a year before scattered everywhere throughout the wedding. It’s rare to find such an amazing couple who value printed artwork!

The lodge, in the moonlight. It couldn’t get more beautiful.

And their beautiful, archival, heirloom wedding album…

Have a look at more wedding and artwork images.

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