Eitan’s Bar Mitzvah in Rochester, New York

December 27, 2019

After living out of the country and shooting weddings, Mitzvah ceremonies and countless other cultural celebrations and events, I took my time integrating back to shooting Mitzvah Ceremonies upon returning home. Therefore, it has been a pleasure to meet people locally and really see how things work here now after being gone for so long. Shooting my most recent Mitzvah in Rochester, New York is such an adventure that I will certainly continue and I look forward to meeting more within our Jewish community. Above all, it’s a vibrant city with compassionate and welcoming people! It’s been really nice to be back. The amazing people at Congregation Beth Shalom were no exception.

What an honor to join Eitan and his family and loved ones for his Bar Mitzvah. Family from around the world came to celebrate, dance, eat, and smile with Eitan. What a fantastic evening!

What a very special time in Eitan’s life.

His siblings were there to keep him smiling the entire evening!

Showcase Sound‘s photo booth mirror was pretty incredible. I loved standing behind it and capturing the silly faces! They had so many games planned, with a wonderful motivating dancer encouraging all the kiddos. It was clearly a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Honestly, the dance party never stopped! I was so impressed with how happy and energetic everyone was.

Sugary Delights Cotton candy and sweets did not disappoint as well!

I’m honored to have been present and part of Eitan’s special day.
Mazel Tov!

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Vendors at Eitan's Bar Mitzvah

Photography by
Jess Kamens Photography

Congregation Beth Shalom
(Rochester, New York)

Showcase Sounds
Mitzvah, Music and Entertainment (Rochester, New York)

The Exotic Kitchen
Catering (Rochester, New York)

Sugary Delights
Cotton Candy and sweets!

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