Genesee Country Village & Museum: 19th Century country village in Mumford, NY

October 25, 2017

Genesee Country Village & Museum is honestly one of the most amazing places I have visited in many years and I can’t seem to keep myself or my daughter away! We absolutely love it here. Located just 20 minutes outside of Rochester, NY, in Mumford, NY, this timeless taste of amazing delight is something everyone must experience. I will take you through a small bit of a tour I documented.

We were greeted by friendly faces, traditional dress, language and demeanor. This immediately stepped us back in time to the 19th century.

GCV&M has their own brewery. Quality and tasty brews and cider tastes are offered on their tour and available in their restaurants. 

Tours of the timeless grounds are given by several people, all informed, knowledgeable, clothed and in character. It gave us a real sense of communication, style and knowledge.

We learned so much!

We learned about the buildings, those who lived there, how they came to be, how people lived in these times and what their lives were like. Walking through the village is quite breathtaking.

We learned quite a bit about food preparation, what was used, how it was stored and tasting these treats was quite special!

The chocolate wine was one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted!

Lucky us that we had the most sensational red sky at the end of this evening. 

Do I love it?

Not only was I beyond impressed with the presentation at GCV&M, but the people are so kind, helpful and clearly love their chosen profession. I am a wedding photographer and have recently featured them on my vendor list. With their horse-drawn carriage rides, apple orchards, catering, animals, barns and 170-year-old churches, it is an amazing place for a celebration, wedding, event or party!

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Are you interested in booking your wedding at Genesee Country Village & Museum, in Mumford, just outside of Rochester?

GCV&M is so special and unique and one of my favorite places to visit. Holding a wedding or event there would be timeless and unique! Take a step back and explore what life used to be like in the 1800’s… not just explore, but experience. The 600-acre property filled with houses, barns, small pubs/breweries, little factories, houses showing farm life and home life, everything you can possibly imagine in one small area just outside of Rochester. The barn that houses the receptions provides the comforts of the 21st century with the added touch of rustic complete with extensive golden lights strung from above. It is airy and just the right size and they offer full-service catering, custom tours, horse-drawn carriages and other services as well. The options for the ceremony are plentiful, including outdoor setups as well as two 170-year-old churches to choose from. Most importantly, from a photographer’s standpoint, the image possibilities are ENDLESS with plenty of old buildings, a pergola interwoven with vines, an apple orchard and nooks and crannies all throughout this dramatic setting to document your day with loved ones and the couple. It’s an amazing place and those who manage the process there are helpful, kind and love what they do!

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