Six years with JJJ’s family

January 27, 2018

There are those special people that we can only be so lucky to end up working with and creating an amazing family session for… mine is the trio, JJJ.

Meet Jeff, Jonna and Jackson.

family in a stack in the woods during the fall with the little son on the top

I first met JJJ through my family and was hired to do a newborn family session with them 8 years ago in 2010.

While not a new photographer, I was still fairly new to newborn shoots and let’s face it, it was 8 years ago! It’s easy to see how amazing this family was, and how new (is that a nice way to put it?) my photography skills still were at this point!

Fast forward to 2 years later to 2013. I had returned to Rochester from Slovakia for a visit during my worldly travels and found myself privileged to shoot JJJ again for an updated family session, now with a few more family shoots under my belt, new equipment and a load of travel experience behind me. My work is still quite raw here, but it’s certainly improved! They were so fun and it’s amazing to see how they were blossoming as a family.

Sweet Jackson, now 2 years old has never been in the snow! Luckily for us, mother nature played along with one of Rochester’s famous snow dumps just that morning for Jackson’s first romp in the snow. 

Bloopers are the best!

These bloopers are some of my favorites and I always try to save these from all family sessions for parents to enjoy. There were 3 adults who couldn’t stop laughing and a wee little guy who couldn’t figure out what this cold, white stuff was. What a pleasure to be able to work with this amazing family again!

mama holds her son in the snow and he is crying
a boy is crying because his hands are cold in the snow

Let’s fast forward 2 years again to 2016. I am now a mother myself and Jackson is 6 years old! He and my daughter have played together and he is such a great inspiration and teacher to her. I was so happy to be lucky enough to create another family session JJJ. 

a father and sun cuddle for a family portrait

To say it’s an honor to work with such an amazing, funny and free family is an understatement. They are a fun, kind and energetic and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. They were always up for climbing and jumping and getting dirty…

What have you noticed?

I hope you enjoy not only the growth of this amazing family, but also the growth of my photography throughout this 6 years! I take so much pride when creating a family session for my clients. It is so very important to capture this time. Right now. This moment. Forever.

father and sun jump together in the sun rays

Photography by
Jess Kamens Photography

For those of you who don’t live in Rochester, NY, we have some lovely weather for winter lovers like me! You don’t need to stay inside! Check this out.

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