Limited Edition Musician Portraits

Children who make music.

Rochester, New York


We are so thrilled to have our new studio located on the border of the Neighborhood of the Arts and Center City neighborhoods in Rochester. The beautiful Eastman Theater, Eastman School of Music and Hochstein School of music are just blocks away. When outside walking, we hear musicians and opera singers practicing through their open windows. It's an incredible place to be, work, live.

I am a musician, as is my young child, and music has been in my life since I was a wee one. I wish to capture the connection between your small (or bigger?) human and their instrument... the dedication... the love for music.

How does it work?

We will be happy to welcome your child to the studio ... on one condition. I might plead with them to play for me because I LOVE music while I'm photographing them!

to help another child participate in music education

$100 will be donated to the scholarship fund

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is YOUR AMAZING CHILD learning an instrument?

Sound like fun?

If yes, we'll be a perfect fit.

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