Fine Art School Portraits

School portraits (school pictures) for small daycares, private schools, dance schools and homeschoolers in the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas. Feel free to get in touch for a complimentary consultation and custom proposal.

WHY are

These Portraits Different?

¬†Jess Kamens Photography will capture your child’s true personality through play and other creative techniques. The backgrounds are different and each expression is different from the other.

The quality of image matches that of a high-quality portrait.
These school pictures will be forever treasured!


Archival Printing

Offered in various sizes and products.

custom designed

Keepsake Yearbooks

To capture the special moments throughout your child’s school year …


Dance School Pictures

Jess Kamens and Rich Paprocki Photography work together to capture the sweetest moments of your child, all dressed up and feeling their absolute best.


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Homeschool Portraits

receive information about scheduling your 2022-2023 homeschool portrait