Laughing Gull Chocolates: Ethically-sourced Chocolate Shop in Rochester, NY

February 26, 2018

Chocolate Shop in Rochester

storefront of a chocolate shop with shelves and water and chocolate

What an honor it is to feature a wonderful, local, small business-owed chocolate shop in Rochester with a new (2018) storefront in our city. I first discovered Lindsay tucked away in the amazing sunlight of the Brighton Farmers Market outside of Brighton High School.

Lindsay from Laughing Gull Chocolates creating some of her truffles

There she sat, every bright Sunday morning with her amazing chocolates. She was a frequent stop for me, for obvious reasons, and my wee daughter loves the seagull she has at her table, not to mention her chocolate! We got to know Lindsay and her like-minded approach to people, business, parenting and the like, lending for some really enjoyable conversations! She was pregnant and working the entire time she was carrying her little one and Alex arrived with a bundle of smiles and Lindsay never skipped a beat, with family help of course, so we always had our chocolate/seagull stop at the market!

When the news came that Lindsay was opening up a shop in Rochester, I was so excited! She held a lovely opening and to say it was filled to the brim was an understatement. Obviously and quickly, kids were happily playing and singing, parents and kids alike sipping hot chocolate and dipping fruit and pretzels into the amazing chocolate fountain. This made our time really special and I was so thrilled to be present for the opening of her store.

The cutest kids ever!

Since the original post of this story, Lindsay has joined forces with her two amazing co-owners, Allison and Karla. They, with their three little kiddos, all around the same age, are quite a force!

mother and her daughter at work

Their shop is lovely, quaint and decorated in a classy/rustic way. There are comfy sofas, a used book lending/switching/buying library, and toys for children to play. There are plenty of comfy places for mothers to nurse, people to work and to relax while sipping and/or eating some chocolate.

Laughing Gull’s chocolates use ethically and locally sourced ingredients and each beautiful, tasty piece is handmade with love! There are plenty of Vegan options (ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate and more!) throughout her shop as well, making her one of the only chocolate shops in Rochester who offers these options!

Don’t you want to eat these chocolates right through your screen?

Laughing Gull carries several items wearing her logo (which, by the way, I completely love – classy, simple, expressive). You can easily drink and carry things that remind you of her chocolates! Her mugs are beautiful and the bags are hand-made as well!

a beautiful tin coffee mug

Why “Laughing Gull”?

Lindsay shared with me the origin of the Laughing Gull name, stemming from her grandmother and traditions in their family and I loved the stories she told. Pay them a visit and I know she would be happy to tell them to you too!

If you are curious about chocolate, or just wanted to give someone a special gift, how cool is this? Chocolate Making Workshops are taught by the chocolatiers themselves and are totally amazing. Their website will tell you a lot more about these classes!

chocolate workshops available in Rochester, NY

You can even find some other specialties scattered throughout (look right for some links!). They have paired with some wonderful small businesses to carry their food and items as well.

flour city pasta, Gugliemo's Homegrown and the chai guy and cacao Vita
Flour City Pasta – hand-crafted artisanal pastas. Insanely delicious!
Sweet & Cute coffee syrup
How about some coffee syrup from Sweet & Cute?
Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm syrup
Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm – amazing maple syrup!
Cire d'Abeille Skin Care chap stick in Fairport NY
Cire d’Abeille® Skin Care is cruelty-free skin care handmade in Upstate New York. They even use locally sourced honey & beeswax!

So treat yourself to some amazing chocolates and a little relaxing moment at this lovely little shop. DIRECTIONS

Thank you, Lindsay, Allison, Karla and families, for having me visit!

chocolate think inside the box
laughing gull chocolate shop in Rochester offers the perfect gift for Valentines Day or any holiday

Photography by
Jess Kamens Photography

Chocolate creations by
Laughing Gull Chocolates



Additional findings at Laughing Gull Chocolates!

The Chai Guy offers a multitude of Classic and Vegan Chai’s including dairy free and sugar free. Delicious.

Gugliemo’s Homegrown Marinara Sauce (the spicy one is my favorite!) is one of the best, locally-created sauces that you will find! I am a massive fan of their pizza sauce too.

Cacao Vita comes directly from the farms we work with through a Certified B Organization. Their goal is to offer high-quality Cacao while increasing farmers incomes year over year.


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